Find The Time

A Weekend Away

There have been married couples who have found their date night has turned into nothing more than an empty ritual, and their lack of connection is beginning to affect their relationship. A weekend away from their home, their jobs, and their children is often in order. They might see it as a way to connect, or they could just view it as a way to get some needed sleep. Going away from their ordinary lives for only a few days could reignite their passions, or it could provide them with the opportunity to build up the reserves of strength they have lost while dealing with lives that are too full and busy.

Packing for a Trip

Children seem able to sense anything that might upset their own existence, so packing for a trip by their parents might be done only after they have gone to bed. Their children could cause the entire household to become chaotic if they understood their parents were leaving for a few days, so it is best to keep the truth from them as long as possible. When the weekend sitter shows up, they can then explain they will be gone for a short time. Those who have experience in this area will have already stowed their luggage in their vehicle, and they will wave serenely as they depart.

Too Many Calls

New parents often make the mistake of calling home every few minutes to check on the children and their sitter, but too many calls might make their child anxious. Those who have been away a few times have learned that only calling occasionally will help them settle into their needed rest, and it will keep the children from finding ways to make the situation more difficult. An experienced sitter will only call if there is a true emergency, and the couple should spend their time relaxing and reconnecting instead of paying attention to their phone.

Finding Happiness

While not all parents will be able to appreciate time away from their children, some of them will learn how to relax and enjoy adult time with their partner. Finding happiness is about learning to take advantage of a situation where they are alone, and the couple should stop being concerned about their children each minute they are away. It can be difficult for at least one parent to do that, but their spouse should be able to help them find enough distraction to make their getaway a successful one for both of them.

Guilt is often a factor when parents go out for an evening or a weekend, but it should not keep them from having a good time as a couple. For those who have experience with getaways, packing while the children are asleep could be the best way to make their dream a reality. Serenity while taking leave of their children will help them see their own weekend as a time of fun with their sitter, and the couple should be able to relax and spend adult time without feeling they are betraying their children.